Sound improvement

Dieges werkfoto_14Every double bass has its own voice, with a specific sound and colour. This voice is strengthened by the instruments ability to move efficient. A double bass can get blocked to the point where even a fantastic instrument hard to play. The vibration of the instrument against your belly while playing it gives a good indication of the efficiency of its movements.
I’ve successfully improved a lot of double basses. To do this I combine the knowledge of the old masters with modern techniques and insights. Everything is done in consultation with you and with respect for the instrument and its builder.
My own quest for optimal sound started with building my first double bass. For a long time knowledge of the old masters was lost. But their beautiful sounding instruments make me set high standards. And the believe that things can always be better urge me to keep searching.

Sound improvement can be approached in a small or big way. You are welcome to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities for your double bass. In the workshop you can see, hear and feel what can be achieved with sound improvement.
And we can always talk about trading your bass for a one that’s already the way you want it to be.